Knife crime must be tackled from police funds – Hammond

Crime scene investigation after a knife murderImage copyright PA

The chancellor has said police forces in England and Wales must use their existing budgets to tackle knife crime.

Senior officers and police and crime commissioners had called for more money to pay for additional officers following a spate of fatal stabbings.

But Philip Hammond said police must use money and officers from other parts of their forces to deal with the problem.

His comments come after the home secretary said ministers must listen to police leaders about knife crime.

The chancellor told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that there had to be a “surging of resources from other areas of policing activity into dealing with this spike in knife crime”.

“That’s what you do in any organisation when you get a specific problem occurring in one area of the operation, you move resources to deal with that,” Mr Hammond said.

Earlier, the chancellor told LBC: “If your house is on fire, you stop painting it and you go and get a bucket and start pouring water on the fire.”

The Home Office said it would not comment on Mr Hammond’s comments.

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