Paper review: Knife crime ‘epidemic’ and Brexit vote

Image caption The issue of knife crime continues to feature on many of the front pages. Following the news that another young victim was stabbed to death in east London on Wednesday, the Daily Mirror says the prime minister has faced anger over her “stubborn refusal” to link knife crime to police cuts.
Image caption “When will it stop?” the Sun asks on its front page. The paper says the latest fatal stabbing victim, who was in his mid-20s, was knifed six times.
Image caption The Guardian reports that the home secretary is set for a further clash with the prime minister over police numbers. Sajid Javid is backing demands by police chiefs for an emergency grant to fund a short-term surge of officers to fight knife crime, according to the paper.
Image caption The i also carries reports of tension between the home secretary and the prime minister. The paper says Mr Javid has demanded extra money for policing after meeting chief constables about the issue of knife crime.
Image caption Theresa May’s cabinet expects her Brexit deal to be defeated by up to 100 votes next week, according to the Daily Telegraph. The paper says the chances of the Commons agreeing to the deal became less likely when the attorney general and the Brexit secretary returned from talks in Brussels “empty-handed”.
Image caption The Times leads on its own investigation into tax havens. The paper says a third of British billionaires have moved to tax havens over the past decade, denying the UK Treasury billions every year.
Image caption The Express reports that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were “shocked” by the “squalid conditions” they saw on a visit to homes in Blackpool. The paper says the royal couple were given a tour of mould-ridden houses owned by a “slum landlord”.
Image caption A diet of soups and shakes can reverse type 2 diabetes in the long term, according to a study reported in the Daily Mail. The paper says more than a third of patients put on the daily regime of just 850 calories were free of the illness after two years.
Image caption The Metro reports that the wife and step-daughter of football boss Brendan Rodgers were left “terrified” as burglars burst into their home near Glasgow on Wednesday. The paper says the gang stole medals and trophies won by Rodgers during his time as Celtic manager.
Image caption The Daily Star reports that Celebrity Big Brother actress Roxanne Pallett has defended Michael Jackson on social media, in response to sexual abuse allegations made against the singer in a documentary. Michael Jackson’s family have denied the claims.

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