Senior Republican aide: ‘It’s not like there’s a Plan B’

Multiple people involved with the deal reached last night said it’s likely the bill won’t be posted publicly until Wednesday.

Why that matters: That would put lawmakers right up against the deadline, given the 72-hour rule in the House (which calls for the text of a bill to be public for 72 hours before the House votes on it). Lawmakers have until Friday to pass a deal to fund the government — and President Trump must sign it.

Keep in mind: When there’s a deal, lawmakers are far more willing to consider a continuing resolution for a day or two to allow for the Congressional procedural machinations to work out, but lawmakers still want to try and get it all wrapped up by Friday. 

“We just need to see where people are – and how agreeable they will be,” one senior congressional aide said of the timing. “We’ll have a better idea in the next 24 hours.” 

With all that said, this all comes down to Trump: There will be a lot that happens in the next few days between the legislation actually posting, leadership working to get their members and votes in line and powerful outside groups on both sides weighting in for or against the deal. But the only thing that really matters right now is how President Trump comes down on the deal. So far, he hasn’t said where he stands.

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